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Expressing my opinion is not a terrorist action.

Take me, baby, or leave me.

18 May
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I am an [Italian-American] [Female] [Zen Taoist] [Bisexual] [Communist Anarchist] [Vegetarian] [Celiac] [Bipolar] [Geek] [Defenceman] [Catcher] [Masshole] [Teacher].

Welcome. This is my personal corner of the web. You are going to see a lot of hockey and baseball here and slashy things. You will see my leftist opinion, occasionally presented as fact. If you're not interested, don't read it. I post pictures and videos sometimes and I don't always cut them. If you're annoyed by that, don't friend me. I make no apologies for anything I write or post in here. Nor will I ever. I don't much care if you don't like it, this is my journal.

As Kez said: And sometimes, I get squeeful over hockey boys. This merely means I am a human female in possession of hormones, it does not mean I am shallow, nor does it mean I don't love the sport. I love it as much as anyone. I would still watch the game and love it if they all looked like orcs. However, they do not, and fancying them does not preclude me from having a brain.
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